Our company is A perfect Blend of Skills & creativity. Family Business Since 1965.

We’re Passionate about uplifting Craftsman life. We work with More than half dozen NGOs who closely work with crafts man, they have amazing product & Ideas. We Encourage them to come on-board ( who never seen internet ) and sell their product to larger audience of people.

We believe that nothing is as unique, personal or well-received as something that’s been lovingly handmade. That’s why, from our web team to our amazing store colleagues and Customer Services to our Partners, we share a love for craft that thrills and inspires us every day.

We started our Journey back in 2015 with Stone craft and later we learn and produced finest leather supplies from leather dye, leather edge color , leather sheet and many leather tools. Some of our tool and supplies are imported which was not available some time back, now such product is available in India. As of today we have Millions of orders delivered across the globe.

We always focus on customer, customer is god and customer is fate for us.

Happy landing at here. Reach out to us and get personalized help, suggestion and crafts.

-Ashish ,Founder, www.cratly.com

[email protected] or call us at : 991 007 9898

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