Leather Edge filler – Neutral

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Leather Edge color filler – Neutral
Leather Edge color filler – Neutral
Leather Edge color filler – Neutral
Leather Edge color filler – Neutral

Leather Edge filler – Neutral

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Volume 200 ML
Leather Dye & Edge color with hexcode details

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"This Base-coat filler is used at place with very large width having more than one layer ( like - Bags, bag handles, wallets etc), during the application phase the Base coat appears to be whitish in color but once dried has a semi-transparent color and a very solid consistency, once completely dry the base coat can be worked using brush"

base coat for leather edge paint Handys leather

  • Feature : Its main feature are to adhere to the underlying leather and ensure a high performance adhesion, then it should fill all the empty spaces on the leather edge surface in order to present externally a smooth and uniform edge.
  • Look and Feel : In the application phase it appears to be whitish in color and once dried has a semi-transparent color and a very solid consistency. Once completely dry, the base-coat can be worked using a brush, a scotch-brite cloth or a sand paper (we recommend a very fine grain). This operation can be performed if you desire to get a very smooth edge, without any imperfection.
  • How to use :1. Prepare the edge ready.
    2. Mix well before use.
    3. Apply a reasonable amount of product manually or with a suitable machine.
    4. Allow to dry well at room temperature, at least 10 to 15 minutes, or use an oven at 40-50°C.
    5. If desired, brush or use a hot iron.
  • Example : Perfect for belts, bags, boots, and more! Easy to apply, just apply freely and work into your leather items. This will darken light colored leathers or natural leathers. Not for use on suede or nubuck leathers.
  • About: Handys Leather filler is a primer to be applied before using Edge Paints. A water based emulsion polymers designed to obtain a round smooth edge, for bags or belts with materials like: leather, coupled skin/skin and leather/synthetic polymer designed to obtain a good fill for raw edges. It can be applied by hand or machine application and after proper dry time it can be brushed, sanded or glazed.


  • Shake well before use.
  • Always pre test in an unseen area.
  • For best results use a paintbrush and apply it evenly to the leathers
  • This can be left to dry naturally for around 10 minutes or sped up to around 2 minutes with the use of a hair dryer.
  • Apply further coats as above until you reach your desired look.
  • Sand the edges before applying in order to have good adhesion. If you have an edge heating tool, it works especially well after the first layer to help seal the paint onto the leather. If you are applying multiple layers of paint, make sure to sand between layers of paint in
    order to increase adhesion.

How many coats are required?

One coat will be sufficient for most projects; however, it depends on the look of your desired edge. Each coat can be built up until you are happy with the overall look.

What is the difference between Edge Paint and Color Dye?

Edge Paint soaks into the raw leather's edge, Painting the fibers and creating a thin, natural looking edge, whereas Color Dye creates a Staining on the leather surface.

Can I use this to restore color to leather?

No, this product has been developed simply for the edges of leather. If you are looking to re-colour leather, you should look at using our leather dye section

Can this be applied directly to the raw edge of leather?

Yes, it is fine to be applied directly to the raw edge of leather. In
applying the product this way gives a more natural look to the leathers edge.

It can also be applied onto our Edge Coat which gives a smoother, more curved and modern look. 

Handys Leather Edge Paint Color

This is perfect for craft projects. Its high-quality formula binds easily to leather, ensuring a secure and long-lasting application.

With a single application, it creates a strong, waterproof bond that won't chip or flake.

This product is available in 10 different colors, which can be mixed together to create your own unique edge colors. 

Our Edge Paint is extremely flexible, withstanding 100,000 flexes!
This means that it can be used on leather which comes under extreme stress, or severe flexing, with peace of mind that it will last.

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