Why and how to dye leather?

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Why we should dye our leather ?

First of all, lets understand why we should dye our leather? If people like you and me lives in India then I can assume you are struggling to get right color or at least pattern of colored or dyed (some people call as stain) leather, hence to overcome this we have to apply some color on leather, again assuming you know about leather and where to apply the dyes ? No!! Ok.

To get best result you should dye a nude or natural color leather to get desired output using multiple color set available at our website ( cratly.com)

Well, dyeing a leather is equal to staining it, means putting homogeneous color spots across the surface and below the surface, means Staining the top surface as well as inside the surface call as fiber to avoid any color fading.

                Once fiber is dyed along with surface, expect the color loss over the period of time because of wear and tear is minimal, hence giving longevity to the dyed or colored material.

Leather dye availability -

Leather color dye is available mostly in either water based or alcohol based (called as toner or spirit in Indian context), you can get easily these things either from brand like Handy’s leather or fiebings.

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